EuroShop 2023: central stage to our new era

At EuroShop 2023, the World’s n°1 retail fair, in Düsseldorf, Germany from February 26th to the 2nd of March, we welcome you to our new era. An era where technology, innovation and sustainability meets our co-creative approach to retail.

At the Hall 12, C51 of the fair, we will physically welcome you into a place that embodies this philosophy, where you’ll be guided through different areas to understand first-hand why and how “We create places together”.

At Grottini we put people at the center of everything we do. We do so by walking in the shoes of our customers, seeking to understand their goals and objectives. We make sure, throughout this discovery process, to enable co-creative solutions that respect both the people and the environment. Our Design Thinking Culture is the core to solving problems.

Our creations serve and surpass our clients unmet needs, providing them a memorable customer experience. This is our higher purpose: to elevate the human experience.

EuroShop is a high-impact trade fair experience that always offers a wealth of insights for the trends of the future and innovative products. This exhibition has been a pivotal journey in the history of Grottini’s evolution since 1993, a special place to strengthen the relationship with our partners and clients in order to discover co-creative solutions that are moving toward the future.

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Store Design Process for a Phygital experience: Vans Europe POP UP store

The phygital world opens up infinite possibilities in retail and beyond.
New places can be created inside existing ones which mutate, change shape and meaning.

At the upcoming EuroShop event we’ll hold a speech at the Store Design Stage to recount our approach to the award winning Vans Store phygital experience we created during the latest Milan Fashion Week.

Our Chief Strategic Design, James Damian, alongside Project Manager Paolo Tiani, will show how the store design process can be influenced by a customer phygital experience and why this is what forward-thinking retailers should aspire to achieve.

We’ll wait for you to join us at EuroShop, Saturday the 26th at 2pm, Hall 13 A100.

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The objective way to detect the path to purchase and how to predict the next one

We already know that modern technology is able to detect with high accuracy how the shoppers browse the store level and provide detailed input on their paths.

Therefore here lies the question: would we ever be able to predict their next move? Their next purchase? And therefore maximize some sales, once we detect the hottest spots on the shelves?

Together with Grottini Lab and Professor Emanuele Frontoni (University of Macerata), we’ll present at Euroshop 2023 (Saturday the 26th at 12pm, Retail Marketing Stage, Hall 4 E27) the case study of data applied to a real store. What we can do with them and we’ll discuss how AI can be trained in order to predict shopper reaction to any implementation on the store layout, including the new ones.

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James Damian explains our design thinking method

Grottini’s belief lies in the co-creative approach to our creations, working together with our partners towards a common goal that is more of the sum of the two parts involved.

This is achieved through the design thinking method, a standard practice in Grottini that we asked our Chief Strategic Design James Damian to further expand for our readers.

Damian says: “Design Thinking is a human centric approach to solve complex problems by challenging the assumptions of the status quo. It is an iterative process in which we deploy empathy to better understand the unmet needs of the employee experience as they are the precious interface to the customer.

This method requires a multi-disciplinary approach in a collaborative environment where all ideas are welcomed. Our workshops allow for us to connect seemingly disconnected ideas. This iterative process allows for the assembly of holistic breakthrough concepts, to thrill the audience.

In today’s state of physical environments, Design must deliver an immersive experience that deploys the 5 senses, to do what online cannot. The customer experience across all sectors must offer convenience, value and the art of surprise, to win the hearts and minds of the customer.

At Grottini, this has been our mission over the course of these past 3 years, as we set the stage for a new chapter in our long standing history with our clients and their customers at the center. In other words, We create places together.”



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