Grottini for WINDTRE

Closer and closer

WINDTRE, led by Jeffrey Hedberg, is the number one mobile operator in Italy and among the main alternative fixed-line operators. It is part of the CK Hutchison Holdings Limited group, the sole shareholder of WINDTRE.
The company is a reference player in fixed-mobile integration and in the development of new generation fibre optics networks thanks to an agreement with Open Fiber for the construction of an ultra-broadband network in Italy.
On March 6 2020, the new unique WINDTRE brand was born with a welcoming technology at its center, bringing the company much closer to people's daily lives and increasing its value. The unique WINDTRE brand has, in fact, the goal of facilitating human relationships and supporting all customers in facing the challenges of today. The stores have therefore also found a new identity. Thanks to the project by PCMV | Architects, Grottini Retail Environments has been involved in the implementation of this transformation plan since last year.
The customer is welcomed into a sort of hub that aims to offer an immediate and qualified response to their needs. Airy and bright spaces have the goal of facilitating the meeting and letting information flow in the simplest and fastest way possible. Corners with seating and support surfaces offer different types of customers a tailor-made experience: consulting, sales and connectivity services. The stores are a fundamental touchpoint for the brand which, through them, is able to be closer to customers by helping and supporting them.

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