Fashion Week Report

The unexpected effects of the coronavirus on creativity

We have lived through an extreme, terrible, ruthless 2020 ... but in its insane cruelty, it has been extremely stimulating, especially for creativity.
Even the Parisian fashion week has had to reinvent itself. Designers and stylists found a different way to express themselves on one of the most important catwalks in the world.

Many fashion houses have created quality films and more than half of the events this week are virtual.

This is the case with the “Loewe-show on the wall”: the invitation to view the S/S 2021 collection was sent by Loewe in the form of a tool kit to stimulate the artist in each of us. The Show-on-the-Wall then becomes an artist's oversized portfolio containing: a series of folded posters, a canvas tote bag, a roll of one-of-a-kind wallpaper designed by the artist Anthea Hamilton, a roll of decorative borders depicting all the looks in the collection, wallpaper glue, a brush, scissors, a ceramic disc scented with beet essence, and the lookbook. To conclude, the portfolio also contains the musical score for the forty voice motet 'Spem in Alium' by Thomas Tallis.

Satoshi Kondo x Issey Miyake entitled the S/S 2021 collection “Unpack the compact“. A collection based on the optimization of space that has given life to clothes, waistcoats, raincoats, jumpers that can be rolled up and folded, becoming thinner to occupy the minimum necessary space in the suitcase. From sci-fi jumpsuits, to wallpaper-style prints with geometric patterns, when we return to travel we will be able to do it lighter, with more lightheartedness, and in style.
Even the Balenciaga of mega-galactic shows has opted for a film and creates a perfect middle ground between fashion show and video clip with a story that starts in the streets of Paris at night. Vivienne Westwood's shooting, dripping with English style eccentricity, is a celebration of madness as a salvation in times of crisis.
Schiapparelli, on the other hand, tells the story of the path leading to creation with a tight montage.

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