Eco-sustainability, respect for the environment and energy saving: here’s the age of “Greenomic Revolution”. We’ve been in for a longtime, but today we are so deeply aware of how this “green” is asserting for its ability to be a strategic lever of crucial impact on our choices, present and future.
Environment è is the key word alongside the name Grottini; the natural environment with its values and principles, inspiring the creation of the retail one. An eco and ethically correct philosophy, taking care of the environment quality meant as quality of life and of the ”experience”: of work, collaboration and shopping. The brand new challenge is to conceive and create a “green” and sustainable Retail, able to deepen the ecological sensitivity, to reduce costs, to let us stand out in the competition, making clients faithful and opening new ways of development.
Grottini is hardly working with firm belief in order to raise the standards of environment excellence all over the work aspects, following the basics of ecological impact reduction, energy renewal, recycling and reusing. Design, materials, finishing, spaces they all meet the specific requirements to be “green” and from the production process to the final retail space, everything is in compliance with the regulations.
“Green” does not only mean water, wood or energy but also accomplishing the principles of the sustainability philosophy, it means modifying the approach and the management of business. Grottini grabs with enthusiasm and commitment this main chance to actively give its contribution in favour of the environmental, social, individual welfare, meanwhile of itself, thanks to the better energy efficiency and the valuable saving. The company growth cannot disregard the environmental respect and protection. This is the challenge and the winning choice alike.