Iper, “the big I”, represents one of the major examples of success and ongoing growth in the Italian Large Distribution, and one of the projects by Grottini, signing the environments dedicated to the textile area for the stores of Montebello della Battaglia, Savignano sul Rubicone, Orio al Serio, Grandate and Udine.  
Grottini carried out the whole textile department developing through a 900 sq. m. area shared by clothing and underwear, for men, women and kids. Combining the commercial aim to functionality and aesthetics, Grottini is able to read with versatility and precision the different brands requirements (Danilo Trevigliani, dt Donna, BLM Kids and Papika) and the different kinds of products and targets. Concept and creation are aimed at enhancing all varied offers, meanwhile highlighting the updated style and the advantage.
From layout to colors, from lighting to the ergonomic display, everything is conceived to mark out each area: a sober and plain style for the clothing line and accessories for man; the total woman space of underwear playing with captivating shots and items, and then the space of kids’ fashion enlivened by colors and play.
In the project stands out also the creation of the Trevigliani Collection corner, dedicated to a special line of ties and shirts. A tiny place made of wood to add value and exalt this product of special quality, under the sign of pure Made in Italy.
All Grottini team’s special thanks go to Dott. Mario Ceriani and Mr. Antonio Provenzano Head of Visual.