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Consumer goes green, too.

Philosophy, strategy, business, the whole world of Retail is turning Green, last but not least, the consumer. From an interesting survey, conducted by the International consulting company Arthur D. Little, entitled “Looking for new fields of retail consumers: from the Green Stakeholder to the Green Consumer”, we understand that today’s consumer is more and more eco-sensitive and aware and that LOD is the sector recognized as the most active one in favour of the environment.
The 80% of the sample sees sustainability as the most pressing and topical issue, the 68% is actively committed on this front through its lifestyle and consumption habits. The 44% of the interviewed declares that companies have a duty to be "greener", underlining this would make them more appealing and competitive.
Last year the consumer has devoted to green purchasing a quote ranging from the 5% to the 20% and the 30% of the sample declares itself ready to pay even a “premium price” for eco-compatible products and services.
Rise of the offer of companies and more effective information, this is the demand of the “green consumer”, the new model of purchaser, yet to discover. This answer has to represent for retail companies a clear and flat indication about the right way to scour for the client loyalty and the increasing of business.
Beside the ethical principle of a company, there’s so a new value of the “Green” concept. Not only a channel able to spread great potential, but “sustainability” turns into a cause to share aims and an ambitious project shared by the company and the client, the brand and the final consumer.