Rinascimento is the name of a project combining present times with splendour and glamour of the “Renaissance”. An example of how you can be contemporary while keeping the taste of the past, of how you can shine without the opulence of gold and diamonds. This unique and original format, was conceived for a chain of stores, in Italy and Europe, specialized in garments for women.
The first trial store is born in the very heart of South Italy, in Barletta (Bari), over a space of about 120 square meters. A project based on total modularity, through all its parts, in order to be able to match that typical kind of structures of old historical centres of Italian and European cities.
Tone on tone, textures, warm, smooth, contemporary and Renaissance have been the key words inspiring this project.
Inside, you make the most of generous ceilings heights, decorating spaces with visuals on canvas recalling old paintings. Outside, you preserve all charm of stone walls or arched openings, decorating through lighting. An effective lighting never intrusive, never disturbing the sober and quiet atmosphere of the environment.
Everything tells about a past rediscovered and “emancipated”: framed focal points, translucent meshes, twists & bends, floral motifs softly embedded in the environment, the sparkle of brushed steel. New material textures were developed to give the space a personal touch making this brand more and more recognizable and picked by consumers.
For this client Grottini chooses a solution offering a prominent display of the merchandise and a customized design able to stand out.