Retail environment: means and message

While planning a complex system, business needs to keep it always flexible and ready to adapt to the ongoing technologies and processes following one another.
From this point of view, Grottini carries out an approach embracing the strategic vision, the knowledge and assessment of the market all over its sides: competitors, brand and value, consumer, globality and multiculturality. Within the retail space concept, it is included any possible variable: from materials to synergies, from lay-out to lighting, to colours, sound or olfactory perceptions. The store is a commercial space first, but not only under its material value; designing it means also focusing on innovative ways of interconnection between product and consumer, inventing and interpreting its function.
Today the “Retail” world talks more and more through new languages of commercial communication, it acts following new levers to involve and win the consumer’s loyalty. And the sensitivity towards the environment plays as an essential element. Here comes the new way “to do retail”: thinking, designing and carrying out stores expressing the values of respect and preservation of the Environment.
In this way it is conceived a space concept bringing the ability and the power to communicate and convey the message of sustainability. Even more, also to attract an extremely large and varied “public”.
As Marshall McLuhan said, renowned Canadian expert in media and communication, “the means is the message”, so through consistent, coherent strategy, designing and production, you acquire the power to turn retail environment into a means to spread the “eco-message”.