Grottini Communication at the MADE Expo with Garofoli.

“Grottini Communication” is the special division created by Grottini Retail Environments to deliver a diversified range of hardware and software solutions to those companies aiming at making their communication, both institutional and of the product, more peculiar and incisive.
Grottini Communication joined Garofoli SpA, leading company in the production of solid wood doors of superior design and quality, on the occasion of MADE Expo 2009, the international fair dedicated to Architecture, Design and Building sector, held in Milan from 4 to 7 February ’09. Grottini Communication has conceived for the Garofoli’s stand some innovative instruments to present its products: an entirely interactive catalogue able to display not only the different lines, but within them, the over 100 models of Garofoli’s doors, over all their declinations of essence and colour.
Together with a wide 4 monitor- videowall able to show the full sized door, also further totems with different resolution have been conceived, in order to go through the whole range of Garofoli’s creations, entirely 3D rendered, whose interface was realized by CANENERO Advertising agency.
Instruments of high impact and particular added value which Garofoli SpA has chosen and wanted to present on this occasion to its dealers and insiders. Thanks to this interactive system more complete and effective than the usual catalogue, the customer will be able not only to “see” the image of the door, but to configure it through its preferences of model, essence and accessories, into different settings and with the possibility to see it printed too. Innovation means not only showing a product through cutting edge technology means, but also creating a further dimension, more tangible and concrete. The customer is not barely a spectator but turns into a protagonist of an involving shopping experience.