Shopping, the involving and exciting experience, can turn into play and fun. Pablosky is a Spanish producer of footwear for kids and teens and a brand running towards a global expansion, placing its stores up to UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, CIS, Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Taiwan, Kuwait and Lebanon.
In the project and the outfit of the Pablosky 600 store no detail is casually there, all elements have their own prerogative, both aesthetical and functional, the design is highly focused.
Grottini plays and makes people play with the leitmotif, the shoe, the logo and company colours showing up e enlivening throughout the store. Bright coloured blocks, fixtures anchored by fasteners recalling shoestring rivets, plexiglas panels and the Pablosky name turned into green, purple, blue or orange.
One of the most original elements are the BMX bike pedals, serving as shoe mounts on the store walls. Shoes on pedals create that visual context letting all kids and parents instantly recognize and relate to the product. Side walls as well feature shoe- bearing pedals, displayed on a glossy white background covered with a golf ball-like pattern of dimples, able to exalt all peculiarities of Pablosky products.
And the “design with a purpose” comes also after the purchase, because together with the pair of shoes the consumer gets as a gift a beautiful Pablosky brand ball, to be taken from one of the gumball cylinders. Playing and post.-sale advertising.
A project of particular impact whose innovative “pick and play” solution lead Grottini to place among the three finalists for “Best Customer Experience Solution” category, at the Reta, Retail Technology Awards Europe 2009 (within the february 2009 edition of EuroCIS in Dusseldorf), prestigious award for the excellence in cutting edge technology solutions in the Retail Industry