Collecting recognitions

Several are the significant appreciations for the excellence and success of Grottini’s works and for all the people working behind and for them.
First, Dr. Nicola Evoli, CIO-Intl sales- Strategy at Grottini Retail Environments has been invited to be member in the ARE/NADI Visual Merchandising group, a significant role and a prestigious place to sit in and work in synergy with leading VM firms, designers and professionals. Grottini is the only EU company to be in such US group having worldwide recognition.

Then again, thanks to the Pablosky shoe store (the project in the previous newsletter issue) the Grottini team received a special letter from Mr. Mohamed Ali Alabbar, Chairman of Dubai Mall, UAE, expressing his appreciation for this store, setting a benchmark with its design and execution in the world largest and most prestigious mall. Grottini warmly thanks for his words Mr.Mohamed Ali Alabbar, a prominent figure in the international business, Pablosky for the continuous support and the Landmark Group for the great daily operations . The list of Mr Alabbar appointments is almost endless: Director General of the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, member of the Dubai Executive Council and Chairman of Emaar Properties. Again chairman of the Bahrain-based Al Salam Bank, the region’s newest listed Islamic bank, also serving on the board of directors of the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD). Spokesman for the region’s economic renaissance, he’s prized speaker at international forums and on broadcast networks. For his vision and achievements, FDi magazine (Financial Times Group), recently named him “Middle East Personality of the Year”.

Here following, the letter.

Dear Retailer,
It is with great pleasure that i take this opportunity to congratulate you on the delivery of Pablosky. I had the opportunity to walk the second floor of our prestigious mall and could not help witnessing the attractive shop front and displays of your store.
The quality of design and execution is in my opinion world class, bound to impress and attract many customers. The example you have provided sets a global benchmark for others and i believe should be commended.
Again, well done and congratulations.

Yours truly,
Mohamed Ali Alabbar