Back from Globalshop 2009.

Global Shop 2009 has just gone. Among its important dates and moments, it’s been the venue for a significant event: the official presentation of the latest publication issued by A.R.E. all dedicated to the Green movement. The final edited version of “Sustainable Retail Environments: Product Guidelines & Operational Best Practices” has been specifically conceived for store fixture, visual and other suppliers of retail environments, together with store planners and designers.
Today, retailers as well as manufacturers, are asked to go through an evolution of conventional methods of store fixture production and retail design, and they cannot avoid being informed about and approach the latest best practices. Through this guide A.R.E. will go through all different sides of the Green movement: sustainable product design, manufacturing and logistics, integration of sustainability into an organization, insights on sifting through the maze of eco-labels, overview of the LEED for Retail rating system, then again best practices and marketing strategies.

Grottini’s among the “best” GlobalShop 2009 booths.
At this year’s GlobalShop, Peter Dixon (senior partner and creative director for Prophet) served as judge of the VMSD’s “Outstanding Booth” contest and chose among his nominees, also Grottini’s name and its corrugated cardboard wall. Dixon underlined all its significant aspects, such as the frontal impact and subtleties able to catch and draw visitors, letting them discover the surprisingly well-detailed structure. Another noteworthy element is the chromatic one, thanks to the combination of that natural color of the cardboard and the bright green of Grottini’s sign.