Retail is WOW!

It is impossible not to notice the high number of books, articles, surveys, sites all around, dedicated to a particular and captivating concept: “the Wow" factor. What is “Wow”? It goes far beyond the “customer service”. It is not just foreseeing the customer’s expectations, not just meeting them, it is exceeding them. Here comes the “wow factor”, which is, basically, adding the “surprise” element to a business, in this case, bringing it into a retail environment. It comes from a simple and amazing word: "Surprise!” and its main meaning is to make the customer feel good.
You can design experiences, the shopping one and the wow one, having the power to influence people’s thinking, feeling, decisions, actions and reactions. The clue is designing the experience according to the mental model of the “target”, not of the retailers. These kind of experiences are able to improve customers’ lives, creating commitment and emotions.
So, all major actors in the retail world, retailers as well as designers or architects are aware of the importance of this playing factor. Concepts, designs, spaces are so enriched with significant elements making a brand able to catch the shopper’s attention then pushing them to feel closely linked, involved and to spread the word.
Here’s a suggestion about a website Grottini wants to pass along: “The anatomy of Wow. Customer experience: the good, the bad & the ugly”, managed by Mark Levy and Jason Friedman and their experiential branding and marketing company Creative Realities. The site is devoted to incorporating the “wow” factor into retail environments and it is a rich an interesting source of news and updates about many areas, from Advertising, Green to Technology and of course, Retail. Upon registration, it is also possible to get a free copy of their book “Meaningful WOW”.