Claro is the Italian retail chain for Eyewear and Accessories of high quality, with a skilled team of professional opticians, offering products combining functionality, technology and fashion.
To create Claro’s new vocabulary Grottini took inspiration from the Memphis movement of Italian design, synonym of fresh and innovative fashion, with its unconventional use of color technology, texture and pattern.
Not conceptualized as a “store” but as a sort of giant show window, Claro has an open planning and its entrance invites customers with warmth and vibrancy. Its environment is able to captivate the attention and caters to the needs of a fashion oriented, style conscious and service demanding European customer.
Stripes of bands from a warm color palette painted along the vertical surfaces and the ceiling of the store join walls and ceiling. The wooden floor gives a warm and soft touch. The display on walls are detailed acrylic fixtures clad on a white band shearing across the room horizontally through the colored bands. The acrylic fixtures are embedded with a woven fabric mesh pattern, creating an interesting backdrop for the display of each product. Each spectacle is carefully placed and balanced on clear acrylic holders in order to highlight all peculiarities of every product. The cash counter wraps a skin of glossy white acrylic with the store name branded all over it, and boldly facing a clear glass room carrying the store brand name too.
Richly refined tables and chairs for demos and customer interactions show up styled and detailed like spectacles.
The concept, contemporary and highly functional, is able to reach the right balance of both macro and micro detailing, ensuring concentration on product display and customer service.
Part of the store design is also the staff dressed in doctor-like white clothes, creating a professional and qualified setting.