A green workforce

Let’s talk about Green again, this time under a new point of view, concerning people: the company’s workforce.
There’s a recent and interesting report named “The Engaged Organization” from the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), which investigated the environmental education at some of the major companies worldwide, such as Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, just to name a few.
Green hiring enhances a better environmental sustainability within the organization, that’s what comes out from the response of the representatives of those companies gathering at a roundtable organized by NEEF.
Grottini too is aware that being Green means also relying on a staff working green and having a deep knowledge and experience of the green issues. In this way you can achieve good product innovation and being a good environmental actor makes it easier to recruit employees and gain their loyalty over the time.
Beside paying more and more attention to the staff’s green sensitivity and proficiency, a company should also conceive ways and tools to encourage employees to express their opinion and get involved with initiatives. For instance, employees can suggest sustainable changes in equipment, machinery or production, helping the company to save money; or you can link the green message with some working tools. Or, you can keep employees engaged, not only at work but also once out of their workplace. For instance creating environmental-education materials for employees to take home to their children, so that they can share the green issue within the family time as well. So, the final conclusion is that green philosophy and values turn out to be a business win-win choice at all levels, for environment, company and clients.