Clean Retail

Be profitable but also be responsible to the environment: here’s the latest urging imperative of the Retail industry. Environmental business practices have become so crucial for the retailers to be able to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. The key objective of Clean retail is incorporating environmental practices into retailers’ day-by-day management and actions. Clean retail is able to bring several significant benefits, starting from the company: staff do enjoy a sustainable working place, environmental impact is remarkably reduced, shopping means positivity to customers, company’s green image is boosted. And, last but not least, you save money.
Prevention is another key word. Clean retailers should work in synergy with suppliers first and customers then, in order to avoid the risk of waste or pollution. You have to work to enhance a green and clean awareness within the company, building and environmental public image and externally communicating it.
So what’s the right way for the retailers to follow to boast and offer a “clean” business? First, defining an adequate plan bound to avoid wastage and risky materials; then planning all those changes necessary to the green goal; then developing an environment policy and providing a clear and constant action of information about processes, products and progress addressed to the staff and the public.