New projects, new synergies and Grottini gets to the magical water world thanks to Arena, absolute prestigious name when it comes to sports-waterwear, which has chosen it as partner for its retail project. A project made of significant goals: progressive opening, within the next 4 years, of about 40 mono-brand stores in Italy and France; boosting of the business; a strong run-up towards a relationship closer and closer to the consumers, both physically and emotionally, emphasizing values of innovation and technology, all along in the history and DNA of the brand.
The Arena’ s stores visual concept, developed in partnership with the Robilant & Associates Milan, aims at exalting the technicalness within its products and the innovating content, through the setting of a real workshop of hi-tech research. In this context, items are emphasized thanks to a light and clear display, where even the placing of dummies, mainly apt to show competitions swimsuits, recalls the concept of a real “theca” holding technology sparkling masterpieces.
The dominant black and silver colors, underlining the unquestioned Arena’s proficiency worldwide as for swimming competitions, play with effects of blue/royal light, in order to remind, in a sophisticated way, the color historically linked to the brand.
Several details lead to the swimming pool world as, for instance, the cash desk made of three elements, recalling both those lozenges in the Arena’s logo and the three levels of a podium.