2059, rethinking the mall

Looking at the future thanks to Colman Architects’ project of a shopping centre in 2059, winner of the ICSC “Future image” design competition.

Let’s jump for a moment into the future, 50 years fastforward, and let’s look at a shopping centre, through the projection of an original project conceived by the Colman Architects of London. Winner of the competition “Future image” sponsored by the ICSC, International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc. (www.icsc.org), the project envisions all architectural breaking-ground transformations of the shopping centre within the next 50 years.
Something may have changed in 2059, but people’s desire of shopping stays the same.

It is mostly the visual concept changing while people’s shopping attitude doesn’t go so far from the present. Shopping is still one of the favourite leisure activities and it is synonym of transaction and gathering. Brands are universal and consumers can purchase wherever worldwide. The model conceived is based on a serviceoriented economy, made of communication and customization. Information is at once and freely available, a
sort of interactive bridge joining the retailer and the customer. Centres promote the lifestyle choices the brands convey.

Colman’s idea is to replace single stores with product galleries, creating “organic shaped theatres”, hosting one product type but with all multiple brands. Each gallery is themed and uniquely identified. Shoppers can rely on a personal service letting them better compare products. Galleries offer the widest personal retail experience, an involving and amazing environment, able to contribute to the vibrancy of the served community.