Scarpe&Scarpe… &Grottini.

Born in the ’60s, Scarpe & Scarpe is today a winning commercial reality within the specialized distribution of quality footwear, as numbers show: more than 90 points of sale over the whole national area and 1300 employees. A protagonist making the brand identity its strong point, paying extreme care to the format and display spaces planning.

Grottini joins its name to the Scarpe&scarpe project through its executive work of production, creating a space the most suitable to host a wide and versatile offer of products. Grottini so transforms the concept, the projects into real space where the choice of any detail, from production solutions to materials, aims at meeting the brand’s demands.

Proposals are so different as different are the connotations and the target of spaces : man, woman, kids, sports, travel: more sober and clear environments, others more playful and coloured. Every environment fully realizes the concepts of aesthetics and functionality; products are displayed with a neat consistency in these spaces where first come precision and care for finishing. “Here lives the shoe” this is Scarpe&Scarpe slogan and Grottini makes their “home”.