Strategy is greener and greener.

Things rapidly change when it comes to Green. Not only the general attitude about green has rapidly evolved but the retailers’ focus on investments has remarkably changed.
According to a new report conducted by RSR, a research company run by retailers for the retail industry, the environmentally friendly focus has now turned into a strategic initiative embraced by the best performing retailers and through all sides of the enterprise“.
Real-World Green: The Role of Environmental Savings in Retail” is the title of this RSR’s new publication, sponsored by Intel and presented in partnership with the R.I.L.A. (Retail Industry Leaders Association) and it comes from a RSR’s survey involving 94 retailers in the last months. In the today economy, retailers seem to pay attention to the consumers’ expectations as for assortment, price, service quality or cross-channel capabilities and as Brian Kilcourse, RSR Managing Partner and co-author of the report says: “Green retailing acts now as a further “differentiator” in that brand equation, and creates significant quick-hit ROI opportunities, as well”.
Retail Winners, retailers whose sales are already outperforming their competitors’, have made even greater progress: “green” means creating a strategic advantage in all corners of their organization and has become a major element of the planning for any new IT investment.
So, the Winners show a different approach to green retailing. Environmental sustainability is seen through an holistic point of view, as a basic component to any new or already existing practice throughout the company.