Lulu Hypermarket in Qatar.

The EMKE Group opened its new shopping centre in Al Gharafa, the 74th LuLu Hypermarket established in the Gulf region and Grottini Retail Environments was chosen to conceive and provide the retail concepts for the interiors and fittings. With its 270,000 sq. ft., being considered the biggest shopping centre in Al Gharafa, it has opened the doors for a brand new world of shopping, with lots of popular brands and a large variety of product lines.
The extraordinary shopping centre is built according to international standards, boasting a design which follows the highly advanced shopping malls in Europe and USA.
The layout was strategically conceived and designed to allow uncluttered browsing, easy access to product categories for easier and quicker shopping, with more than 80 check out counters.
Not only brands and products, the Hypermarket stands out also for its “green initiatives”, as one of the most eco-friendly ones, thanks to the several features introduced to reduce the carbon footprint, its state-of-the-art logistics, refrigeration, LED lighting, cooling system, bio-degradable bags are the first of their kind in the whole region.
The shopping centre also features extensive counters for fresh vegetables, fruits, butchery and delicatessen and special counters serving the best of the cakes and an array of Arabic sweets and similar delicacies. A brand new shopping venue for a new involving shopping experience, also thanks to Grottini’s footprint and work.