Grottini Retail Environments completed another award winning project, Vivek’s of India. Vivek’s Mylapore Store was the winner of the prestigious VM & RD Award, with all fixtures developed and manufactured by Grottini. Vivek’s award winning store environment won the category: CDIT less than 5000 Square foot Retailer. This Award is part of In-Store Asia, a prominent show of Marketing-at-Retail, with expo, meetings, conferences and awards. The 5th annual convention was held last summer in Bangalore, India.
Vivek’s is one of India’s premier durable and home electronics retailers. Vivek’s goal was to remodel their oldest showroom at Mylapore in Chennai, into a cutting edge outlet. The goal was to reflect international standards, and offer their shoppers space, style and comfort. In a very competitive environment, Grottini was selected to head the project.
Grottini reflected Vivek’s philosophy of 'more brands, more choices, more space, more comfort’ throughout the two level-store. Grottini created and executed a design strategy that created a personal, comfortable yet exciting, space for the consumer. A key challenge was showcasing almost 700 product offerings from 91 brands without overwhelming the shopper. The aim was to create a “techno art gallery” presentation, offering each product its own visual space but coexisting with many other products. All materials were chosen to give the space a simple and clean look.
A uniquely designed island display for mobile telephones is a highlight of the space. Even fixtures used for the LCD panels and split air conditioners are thoughtfully hidden, keeping the consumer’s focus on the product and experience in Vivek’s. The final result for the flagship location featured a striking façade, using grey Alco panels extending two floors high on both sides (creating an 'L' shaped fascia) and a memorable large neon lit name board with white acrylic letters and logo.
Every component reflects the detailed and thoughtful design, production and implementation Grottini brought to the project. Vivek Ltd. expressed their heartfelt thanks for Grottini's leadership and execution, supporting Vivek’s in achieving this prestigious award.