Lulu Hypermarket
Grottini Retail Environments completed another award winning project, Vivek’s of India. Vivek’s Mylapore Store was the winner of the prestigious VM & RD Award, with all fixtures developed and manufactured by Grottini.

Emke Group
CGM into Retail
Despite the extraordinary growth, online sales still represent just a small portion of all retail sales. Today website visitation, online advertising and social media influence and impact offline purchasing. .
Strategia sempre più “verde”.
ShopTalk 2009
Still talking about ShopTalk 2009: four great venues for one huge event, gathering all international protagonists of the Retail industry and having as its platinum sponsor Grottini Retail Environments.

ShopTalk 2009
Good to read
Five Minds for the Future.
By Howard Gardner

This book will let you discover cognitive abilities, sought and cultivated by leaders, the defined by the author five different “minds”: The Disciplinary, the Synthesizing, the Creating, the Respectful and the Ethical Mind. Howard Gardner, psychologist, from diverse examples, wants to back ideas and concepts designed to inspire lifelong learning, providing significant insights. Starting from his long researches and using examples from history, politics, business, science and the arts, Gardner so talks to professionals, teachers, parents, political and business leaders, trainers; to everyone prizing mind skills at a premium for the future.

“I am prepared to defend my quintet vigorously”.

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