54th Annual A.R.E. Convention
11/14- 11- 2009
The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida.

ARE, the Association for Retail Environments presents its 54th Annual Convention, held at The Breakers, Palm Beach Florida, from 11th to 14th November.
“Shift your thinking” is the challenge launched by this event, conceived to show how the retail industry is still rich in opportunities. The convention wants to offer to those attending the precious chance to meet major economic and retail experts and to learn about their visions and sceneries for the future, through the analysis of the most current data and estimates.
For this edition as well, ARE wants to offer a rich event to all contributors in the retail environments industry. Protagonists come from many different views, perspectives, insights about the sector; designers, visual merchandisers, suppliers and the invited Retail Panel; everything designed to strengthen the attendants’ position, exploring all possible ways and identifying the most successful ones.
Keynotes will go through different important issues. For instance, “ The Economy and How it Affects your Future Decision-Making”, with Alan Beaulieu, senior analyst and economist, showing a detailed forecast for the global economy, then focusing on prospects for this sector. His overviews and forecasts about economy and retail industry can be a strong support for all operators to determine their future business choices.
Then again, in the keynote “What’s Ahead for Retail?” Dan Stanek, executive vice president of Retail Forward Inc. will discuss todays landscape in the retail sector and the negative impact of recession on consumer purchasing habits. An interesting exploration of the challenges ahead in this economy recovering from the recession, able to understand all chances retailers have to succeed in growing.