Launched by the UAE-based Landmark Group, Shoexpress is the name of one of the latest projects carried out by Grottini Retail Environment and recently inaugurated at Safeer Mall in Sharjah.
Grottini has managed and carried out the whole project, from design to production, giving to Shoexpress its innovative and original space.

The 600 sq. m. store shows a wide assortment of footwear and accessories, standing out for their quality and profitable prices. The design was conceived as clean, fresh, playful and attractive and above all, functional and easy to be approached. This concept follows the so called 'rack room' system, according to which in each different department, the display of all appealing and trendy shoes is very clear and tidy for the customers to easily admire, find and choose their products. In this way the store expresses the “self service” concept at a highly optimized level.

All spaces have been conceived and realized to convey a contemporary and easy atmosphere, white is the leading colour together with the presence of bright and stronger colours, such as bright green for the kids department. A standing out detail are the big “key words” written on the ceiling communicating those main inspirational concepts of the brand and its kind of offer.