2010 trends in the Retail industry.

Plunkett’s Retail Industry Almanac 2010 edition, is one of the latest Plunkett Research Ltd.’s research and analysis report, identifying and going through those upcoming trends shaping the retail industry. Plunkett Research Ltd’s name is leader in industry trends analysis and market research, whose services are renowned and precious source for global top players, covering all industry areas, from healthcare to ecommerce and computers, from energy and utilities to entertainment and telecommunications.
This extensive and easy-to-use report provides all data detailing the today trends and changes of the retail industry, is a valuable source of information. It includes retail industry trends analysis, statistics, contacts and profiles of the global protagonists.
“Consumers are focused on saving, not shopping”. This is the trend Jack W. Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research, Ltd. underlines.
The report highlights and analyses major trends affecting the industry. Let’s see some of them: discounting and discount stores lead the industry; category-killers and big box retailers struggle to keep up with discounter; online sales grow; self-service retail technologies take off. And some more: retailers find new markets in China and seek partners in India for future growth; lifestyle centres and super-regional malls falter; landlords are pushed to become creative... and vacancies are some kind of high.
As Jack Plunkett says: “2010 will be a very challenging environment for retailers. The prospering companies will offer compelling value to their customers, based on a combination of lasting quality, low prices and a reasonable level of customer service. Convenience will continue to be of great importance to shoppers, but they are definitely willing to drive a little further to find lower prices.”
(source: plunkettresearch.com)