In & Out, Grottini’s brand new project
Grottini designs and carries out the In&Out “shop in shop”, a project talking about beauty, technology and professional quality.
2010 trends in the Retail industry.
2010 has just began and so let’s discover all trends bound to “shape” the retail industry, according to the just released Plunkett’s Retail Industry Almanac.
2010 trends in the Retail industry.
India Fashion Forum
28-29 gennaio 2010
The Renaissance, Mumbai, India
Celebrating its 10th year of history, the India Fashion Forum will be one of the most awaited and unmissable dates for the retail and fashion sector at the beginning of the brand new year.
54th Annual A.R.E. Convention
Good to read
Passion Brands: Why Some Brands Are Just Gotta Have, Drive All Night For, and Tell All Your Friends About.
Kate Newlin

Defined as “one of the sharpest brains in consumer marketing”, Kate Newlin was among the great speakers at the recent Shoptalk 2009, and she’s also the Kate Newlin Consulting working with Fortune 100 and entrepreneurial firms, boasting a sparkling career consulting with major companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft or Johnson & Johnson. In her latest issue, veteran business strategist Kate Newlin provides her answers to important issues such as: what makes some brands stand out year after year? Among the countless 'pretty good brands', how are some products able to keep lasting loyalty and enthusiasm? This must have book highlights all key ingredients into the so called “passion brands”, those able to inspire an emotional tie and letting consumers feel personally invested; it identifies the social factors making passion brands the driving force in today marketing. A consideration goes also to those old rules of marketing (such as the 5 P: product, package, position, price and promotion) not fitting in this world of almost unlimited consumer choices. According to the book, marketers should react to consumers in real time, realizing a 'brand democracy', where consumers/users’ voice has a weight in decisions about the features of the product, whether it is colour or size or the way it should be marketed.

“ One of the sharpest brains in consumer marketing ”.

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