Grottini, one event after another

The India Fashion Forum has just shut down, celebrating its successful 10th edition. Two intense days for a big event, representing a unique opportunity for all its worldwide protagonists and attendees able to get in touch and experience the Indian fashion market. A global forum gathering all major brands and retailers from any segment of the fashion sector, from textile to clothing to footwear, from jewellery to interior design to sport, just to name a few. And then also round tables, workshops and exhibitions. The IFF edition hosted all major “personages” as for trends, innovations and insights of the sector, including Juliet Warkentin, name renowned all over the world and Content director at WGSN (the major source of global creative intelligence when it comes to style and trends) who presented the workshop dedicated to trends in retail, with an overview on key-trends of the forthcoming season and inspirations from all over the world. Grottini Retail Environments took active part to this event, thanks to the presence of Nicola Evoli, CIO-Strategy-International Sales, discussing about the “Fashion VM, Communication & Retail Design” issue.

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Forthcoming event…

After the positive experience at the India Fashion Forum, Grottini is now heading Las Vegas and another major date: Global Shop, 2010 edition, in which it will take part as Diamond Sponsor for the A.R.E. Retail Design award, held on the 10th of March; a special recognition evening at the Venetian Hotel, gathering hundreds of retailers, designers and operators in the sector. A precious chance to see the top design in action and the most innovative projects worth an award.