GlobalShop 2010

Another major and most awaited events of the year has just closed down, event in which Grottini Retail Environments took active part: GlobalShop 2010, which gathered at the Venetian & The Sands Expo in Las Vegas, has over 900 exhibitors from every corner of the world. 

Understanding the trends of Retail is paramount and today more than ever, the challenge for the retailer is: reinvent yourself. Shopping environments have to present themselves under new keys and the operators' goal is to keep them always new and exciting, with the highest rationality as for timing, procedures and costs. Starting from the present scenario, GlobalShop proposes a step into the future of retailing, offering a preview of all future in-store experiences. A six-show network within one venue, on one big stage: Store Fixturing Show; Visual Merchandising Show, Store Design & Operations, Digital Store and At-Retail Marketplace.

A significant moment of this edition was the A.R.E. (Association for Retail Environments) Design Award, with Grottini featuring as Diamond Sponsor. A recognition to the “excellence” when it comes to innovation, quality and sustainability as well, which awarded as winner of the most wanted “Store of the year”, the amazing “Barbie” flagship store in Shanghai (China), a huge boutique, a magic world between reality and fantasy. Here you can enjoy the Winner Book:

Coming soon:
Ready to fly to New York for another event, on the 19th of May Grottini will take part as Platinum Sponsor of the spring edition of Shoptalk. A.R.E. comes back to talk about Retail with this 1day event “New inspirations and fresh ideas” dedicated to all breaking news, intuitions, insights and inspirations from the sector. Prominent protagonist will be Kate Ancketill, GDR Creative Intelligence's managing director and one of the most influential forecasters in the world when it comes to brands and retail.