In & Out, un novo progetto firmato Grottini
In&Out Beauty.
Grottini Retail Environments partner of In&Out, outstanding brand in the Cosmetics Made in Switzerland, for the birth of its first store in the States.
GlobalShop 2010
Grottini Retail Environments back from Las Vegas, for three days the global capital of retail for one of the most awaited events of the year.
GlobalShop 2010
News & Facts
And the oscar goes to…
Fortune Magazine, this year too, announces the most admired retailers worldwide. And number 1 is immovable. Apple rules.
Fortune Magazine
Good to read
Change by Design: How design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation
Tim Brown

He is CEO at Ideo, one of the most famous protagonists of the Design world. Sagacious and influential, Tim Brown with this book brilliantly shows, through significant examples, as the Design principles can be applied to the widest and most different fields, helping to face the hardest challenges whether it is within society, business or politics. Brown explains how “design thinking” is not only something concerned with creative industries or sector operators; here are so organizations as Kaiser Permanente, which implied the method to increase the quality in patient care, or Kraft using it to rethink the management of the supply chain and again, Procter & Gamble applying it to try to create 350 product concepts in just 12 weeks. This is not a book written by a designer for designers; it's a book for creative leaders eager to inject the “design thinking” in all aspects of an organization, product or service.

“Design thinking” means using those same methods and sensibility designers developed to create new choices, new options, new ideas that didn't exist before in the world.

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