Digital Signage Expo 2010
Essen, Germany

Among the most awaited events, Digital Signage Expo 2010 has just closed its doors in Essen, Germany, with all its astonishing news and wonders about Digital Signage.

Essen, European Capital of Culture 2010, for three days turned into the great stage of one of the most important and awaited events in Europe, entirely dedicated to Digital Signage: all about state-of-the-art technology and innovations in this captivating sector: in-store tv, digital media, ad screen, contents and solutions.

Held thanks to the exclusive partnership of POPAI (the Marketing at Retail international association) and HF Media & Events (European leader as for events organization), this major “show” is always able to attract such a wide public, from executives of Outdoor Media Marketing companies to Communication Adv and PR agencies and again consultants, scholars, producers, up to students and consumers.

Thousands of visitors and over 140 exhibitors enlivened a more and more interactive edition and venue too. The innovation in interactivity and intuition were the key_issues: amazing news and breaking technologies such as facial recognition kiosks, 3D displays, mobile interactivity, augmented reality and advanced multi-touch and gesture interactivity. An interactive museum, an Award as well as workshops and the big Open Forum, where industry experts gathered to talk over demands of content of an effective digital signage, with also an overview about the European and American situation of the sector.