Sustainability and CSR: paramount.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility climbed up the list of priorities for major global brands and retailers; here’s the result of a new survey conducted by Consumer Goods Forum..

Last year they slipped at the third step, but this years Consumer Goods Forum “Top of Mind report” (involving 345 senior executives of global retail and companies of consuming goods in 46 countries) reveals that initiatives concerning sustainability and corporate social responsibility regained their position in the priority list.

Consumer Goods Forum’s Managing director, Jean-Marc Saubade, underlined how CSR has progressively rooted itself within many major organizations: "It is encouraging that CRS not only has coped with pressures coming from the economic crisis, but it has even climbed up the priorities chart, proof of its weight in the company’s agenda".

Furthermore, Richard Lewis, sector analyst of CGF, highlights how industry was able to successfully respond to investors that, skeptically, objected the real value of initiatives concerning the above said areas, questioning about their real financial benefits. Companies have in fact been able to give concrete demonstration of the success and the positive influence of those actions aiming at sustainability and senior executives seem now to trust more and more the central role of Corporate Social Responsibility for business.

(source: businessgreen.com)