The “Interactive Vending Machine” for UNILEVER Ice Cream Division.

Grottini Communication develops and re-interprets the concept of “vending machine”, which becomes interactive and involving for the consumer who wants to know, buy and, why not, play!

Interactive Vending Machine, that's to say: the vending machine as you've never seen it before. Grottini Communication conceives and develops for the UNILEVER Ice Cream Division, the “prince” historic brand in the Ice Cream world, one of the very first prototypes of an interactive vending machine, a brand new system able to re-interpret the concept of “self service” applied to vending machines.

An example of ultra-technology in which service and communication merge in order to offer beside the “product” a whole series of added values: superior impact and attractive potentialities; evolution of the method of contact with the consumer, remote management of communication and promotion, immediate feedback.
The IVM operation is a real interactive path connecting machine and consumer, easy to access. Provided with a screen saver with the logo, the system first detects, thanks to a camera, the passage of the person in front of it; the monitor shows then the priceboard of available products and the consumer is invited to approach and interact.
For any selected product there's a further menu with all detailed information, from the commercial to nutritional infos; finally, you go through the process of purchase and payment. All this thanks to a sophisticated system of interfacing between management protocols and IT system (totally run within Grottini Communication) and in this way the consumer can pay for the product by the traditional “coin machines”.

Last but not least, interaction turns into play. In fact, after the choice of the product, the payment, the collection and the eventual change (shown on the monitor), the Vending turns into a Slot machine and the consumer can play a lottery (within the monitor) and win another product.

So, here's a little masterpiece of breaking, ultimate technology, able to represent an involving sale tool, even an entertaining “break” for the consumer, and a further enhancement of the brand and its offer, that through images and videos are proposed through all their quality and appeal.

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