Grottini sponsor of the conference “Malling the world”.

Grottini Retail Environments sponsor of an important upcoming event held by POPAI Italia, the conference "Malling the world: Ecosistemi commerciali", the 4th of november 2010, in Milan.

Grottini, sponsor of an important initiative by POPAI Italia: the conference with the captivating title of "Malling the world: Ecosistemi commerciali" held on the 4th of november 2010, at the “Salone d'Onore” of the Triennale in Milan.
POPAI Italia wants to dedicate this edition of the Retail Design conference to the issue of
Format Retail and commercial expansion, to the different commercial places where to adopt a winning expansion strategy.
The conference intends to lead the attendants through an investigation and comparison of the various commercial formats and the different distribution politics, in order to represent a point of synthesis between current trends and future perspectives of the sector. And from the synergy created by the attendants', testimony from the best practices will be then turned into instruments of analysis and evaluation.

A dynamic and challenging discussion and exchange that is going to respond to significant questions such as: which distribution strategy to adopt? Which channels and in which spaces and formats to be present to reach your target and make optimal investments maximizing profits?

The meeting will also be the occasion for the presentation of the exclusive research carried out by CRA-Research "Shopping Experience: beyond the customer's satisfaction", with the partecipation of some of the leaders in the Retail sector.

For further infos www.popai.it