IRDC 2010. Grottini was there...

After Shoptalk, Grottini protagonist as Emerald Sponsor of another "can't miss" date for the Retail community: the international Retail Design Conference in Toronto.

Just back from the 2010 edition of the International Retail Design Conference, Grottini tells about this extraordinary event held in Toronto, Canada; an event of primary importance for the Retail community when it comes to education and networking, and gathering over 250 attendants, from the States and from all over the world.

A 3 day-full immersion get together to talk about innovations, trends, strategies and amazing news through sessions, round tables, case studies and also occasions to live the event as a game thanks to the involvement of the Iron Merchant Challenge.
The Visual Merchandising issue permeated all aspects, starting from the opening meeting "Reinventing an icon", in which the veteran Bonnie Brooks, leader of The Hudson’s Bay Co, founded in 1670, told about the extraordinary evolution of the brand through its long long history.
An engaging trip into and around Retail Design and VM through the best retailers in the USA and Europe and also a wide overview towards the upcoming 2011.

Focus on the importance of the market and the local approach, the key theme "buy local", and again on the Consumer, on the design ethic oriented and based on values such as sustainability and charity, shared by the consumer and the retailer. Of course, a space was devoted to Green Design, in constant evolution with brand new ideas about how fitting and turning retail spaces into green environments.

And at the conclusion of the event, together with Tim Pfeiffer we talked about globalization, through the amazing experience of Starbucks Coffee Company.