Grottini & IPER Elettronica

A new project devoted to large scale retail and the new Iper store in Monza, further proof of the consolidated synergy linking Grottini Retail Environments to Gruppo Finiper. Objective: giving life to an innovative department dedicated to Electronics, able to convey a new concept of communication and sales. Thanks to the precious work of research, design and to a vision always looking towards the future, the hypermarket turns into a specialized shop, raising quality standards, offering new references while keeping that same hypermarket identity and assuring the usual convenience.
A new layout and a new display concept that Grottini interprets through creativity and functionality. The product becomes the main protagonist and focus of attention. The original iconographic and chromatic choice to mark and creatively "rationalize" product range as well as providing a system with high impact, effectiveness and usability. The layout appears sober and clean and the color language conveys the soul and convenience of products which become then easily perceptible to the consumer. Strong appeal and impact is added in “Area 300”, the 300 sm area dedicated to the display of all the latest technology products offered by all vendors.
A high tech and suggestive space representing all the best when it comes to innovative store design and visual merchandising, able to not only meeting consumers' practical demands by offering specialized products, services and assistance, but also to involve consumers, surprising them, catching their interest and loyalty. Driving theme: engaging the customer.

Enjoy the video and find out more about the project through its protagonists' words

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