Bata Metro Market, location Poland

A brand new store format for Bata shoes, Bata Metro Market, debuts in Lodz, Poland. This first format in Europe is the fruit of a project conceived and developed by Bata and its inhouse Europe Store Design team, and with Grottini as their chosen partner in fabrication and execution. The new store highlights a new format, a new strategy, and a brand new era for Bata, where Roberto Longo was recently appointed as the new European Division president.

Grottini Retail Environments interpreted the innovative spirit of the design, with cutting edge technical and logistic solutions. The design was executed with superior quality of materials, structure, fittings and production, as well as turnkey installation.

The focus of the new layout rationalizes the environments with space, product and goals. First greeting the customers as they enter the store is the world of FRASH, where Bata combines fashion with great prices. Next they discover the Fashion Club - which contains, very fashionable products made from the highest quality materials at higher prices.

Next is a completely new segment called UFOS – Urban, Fashion, Outdoor and Sport. Customers will also find the common Contemporary and Classic categories. In the Contemporary zone there are casual models which are, comfortable and seasonal, displayed in a new and interesting fashion.

There is also an area for kids called CHILDREN'S PARADISE. The children's collection is divided into two visible parts, girls and boys, which are marked with the colors pink and blue.

The synergy of the Bata concept and Grottini's operative production created a dynamic and captivating retail environment which highlights Bata's quality merchandise. Grottini is very proud to have been chosen again by Bata, for this excellent project.