Grottini Partners with Bata Shoes in Exciting New Format
Bata Metro Markets
Bata Metro Market, location Poland.
The new era of Bata Metro Market.

Bata Metro Markets
Season Greetings
We all at Grottini Retail Environments want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2011 full of great successes. And we're glad to share the special "card" our friend and collaborator Richad Cadan created. So click the link and enjoy all the magic of Christmas windows in New York!
Season Greetings
Eye on
When Retail is Iconic.
Is your retail environment memorable? Or even Iconic? This article from VMSD magazine is rich in interesting observations. Just what is "iconicity"?

When Retail is Iconic.
ARE Retail Design Collective
8/10 - 12 - 2010 New York City (US)
December, time for another great event: The annual Association for Retail Environments

ARE Retail Design Collective
Sales Are Up!
In its latest report the SDEA indicates a clear positive trend of the sales volume in the shop-fitting and display industry with a positive future outlook.

Sales up!
Good to read
PSFK presents Future of Retail (Vol. 1)


Have you ever wondered how bar codes, new mobile applications and the augmented reality will change our shopping habits over the next decade?
Technology, web, and community, the search for ever-richer experiences: the world of shopping is transforming. This interesting and rich report by PSFK, a New York based trend research and innovations company, analyzes and details the forces of change, and provides future overviews and forecasts.
The report is based upon a detailed study, which includes interviews with executives of major brands as Ace Hotel, Starbucks and Target. In this 125 page report, the PSFK consulting team highlights the ten key-trends that will impact the retail sector over the next 3 to 5 years; trends everyone involved in the sector should definitely be aware of.

Find the report at:

Earth, Inc: Using Nature's Rules to Build Sustainable Profits

“It's time to re-imagine the future of shopping”