EuroShop 2011 - 25 february/2 march 2011 - Messe Düsseldorf, Germany.

EuroShop 2011 is coming and Grottini Retail Environments will present an innovative new exhibition space, inspired by its brand new motto "Every Challenge Brings a Change". Consider change to be motivation and inspiration, challenge and goal.

This special stand embodies the philosophy of the company and its strong ethical and social identity. It reflects the core principals of Grottini Retail Environments: respect our code of ethics; social responsibility, consistency and transparent dialogue with stakeholders. Along with these, of course, sustainability, beyond just going green. The exhibit demonstrates Grottini's systematic effort to promote their own development in sustainability, but also responsibility toward the environment and society. A commitment that is also inspiration for creativity and innovation.

In all this, people have the primary role, our human capital. Grottini places people at the center of this event. With their help, Grottini's booth will become the meeting place for discussion and collaboration with leading figures in the retail world. In addition to renowned architect Paul Haigh Castiglioni, who designed the innovative space, meet American retail photographer Richard Cadan. Richard is a longtime friend and collaborator of Grottini and his photography will record the event. Also meet respected industry expert and writer Eric Feigenbaum, NY editor of the authoritative magazine VMSD.

Grottini Retail Environments seizes this opportunity to invite all our partners, professionals and friends to visit the booth for a constructive exchange of ideas on the industry, as well as some 'social networking' over Happy Hour (every day from 4 to 6pm). And don't miss following us through our space in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.
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