People & Concepts

Paolo Haigh Castiglioni.

Paolo Haigh Castiglioni is the brilliant architect who designed the stand for Grottini at EuroShop 2011. Get to know him and discover this exceptional exhibition space.

More than just an architect, Paolo is a versatile professional who works in product and exhibition design, corporate communications and graphics. In addition to his Italian experience with Giancarlo de Carlo, his professional path is enriched with such international collaborations as Chassay Architects, London and Balkirishna Doshi, India.
Paolo is a member of Studioarchitetti and professor of lighting design at NABA in Milan, and is a founding partner of Nemo Future Exploration Lab.

Tell us about the birth of the new Grottini's stand.
The primary challenge for the project was creating a diverse and innovative concept, still maintaining continuity with the previous one, yet revealing an entirely fresh output.

The inspiration comes from ...?
I was inspired by lightness and nature. I knew this was the right approach, to create an environment that is open, full of light and with a minimum of walls. The stand was designed for the visitor to be center of this space, not just crossing through to admire it, but a true interactive experience. To understand where it all started, just look at the image of one of the first sketches. It is evocative, directing the space to develop dynamically from the seed, in shape, in color, yet leaving room for the imagination.

The most significant aspect of this project?
Grottini aims to express a sense of openness, an absence of barriers, with simplicity and elegance, in accordance with the laws of nature and in pace with technology. It is primarily a sustainable space, in line with the philosophy the company actively pursues. Sustainability is not just a word or a fad, it's a commitment: We are talking about sustainability in the service of retail, which means accountability, savings and reduction, for example the amount of material to be used: It means ongoing progress in finding materials, production processes and operating with low environmental impact. to find out more about Paolo Haigh Castiglioni and his work.