Meet Richard Cadan.

At EuroShop with Grottini meet New York based retail photographer Richard Cadan, top professional, a precious collaborator and close friend.

Richard Cadan is a well known name when it comes to Photography and Retail. His brilliant career speaks for itself, an extraordinary portfolio boasting clients and publications of utmost importance and prestige. With Grottini Retail Environments he has shared over the years a positive collaboration, projects and views. So let's talk about environments, shopping and retail with him through his point of view.

In an environment, what elements most catch your attention inspiring you? As a photographer and as a consumer.
Creative use of texture, color, materials and light, always inspires me. As a photographer, I find myself drawn to strong lines and vibrant colors and I love it when a space is designed with the customer in mind. For instance, in an environment for kids, I like to see the store from a lower vantage point as if I were a child. Creative use of space and texture really can pull a strong design to another level, so the customer not only receives a unique shopping experience but is transported by the environment surrounding them.

Photography and environment, how do they interact?
High end beautiful finishes are always easy to make look good, however each environment presents it's own challenges. Many times I am asked to photograph a low budget environment, and make it look like a high end boutique. I try to forget that I am shooting a store and look at the space as shapes, light, color and layers to create depth in my imagery. By doing so, I bypass mental constraints and use creativity to present a beautiful finished vision to my clients.

Retail is... ?
Retail to me is a blank canvas where customers are enticed by creativity and design, the possibilities are endless.

The collaboration between you and Grottini.
During my collaborations with Grottini, I always find myself inspired, weather I am capturing a Big box environment like IPER, a polished boutique such as Claro or a Gen Y environment like Rinascimento, I always find myself amazed by the usage of color and material. It is apparent the elements of design are carefully thought and in an unconventional manner. Their bold designs and out of the box thought process, keeps them ahead of the curve and the ability to implement those designs keep them ahead of the competition.

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