into the Event

EUROSHOP 2011, first impressions.

Two days after the opening of the fair, here are the first impressions about the atmosphere, the trend of the event and about what's going on at Grottini's booth.

Positive start for EuroShop 2011. The market seems again open to invest on innovation and creativity, and this sensation comes also from the dialogue with retailers of different sectors and countries. First day, first big event for Grottini Retail Environments, exclusive sponsor of the EuroShop RetailDesign Award in which the EHI Retail Institute rewarded the best and most innovative store concepts worldwide.
But let's enter Grottini's exhibition space. No doubt that the in-show application provoked that "wow effect" everyone wished. Six square meters of interactive window, completely touchless controls and a beautiful model getting dressed and undressed, wearing in real time all different outfits. Since the very first hours, visitors have immediately approached it, starting to interact with the interface, absolutely familiar with touchless devices and with no need to be guided. For retailers the window is a crucial and "delicate" element, requiring a highly careful costs management too. That's why the "in-show" solution is being so appreciated for its ability to offer an ongoing fresh communication in the window, meeting the need to apply visuals always new to different points of sales.
Then, the in-stock application is a system controlling products management on shelves, mainly indicating their absence, technically "stock breaking". Particularly interested to this solution those retailers having to face this management problem, mainly the mass retailers and big brands. They appreciated the easy and creative side of this solution offering the chance to deal with a question realities of this sector are very sensitive to.
In-reality is the application dedicated to the Augmented Reality, the most experimental one of the three, which indeed got such a good response beyond all expectations. Not only appreciation from retailers but also from communication agencies and designers, all showing particular curiosity for the aspect of its various possible applications in the point of sale. These three applications brought to Grottini Retail Environments the nomination for the ATI Innovation Prize, dedicated to the most innovative trends of EuroShop 2011.