Back from EuroShop 2011... the challenge making the change!

Success, enthusiasm, energy! After the challenge of EuroShop 2011, Grottini Retail Environments is already heading toward the future: new changes, great evolutions, and many exciting challenges.

EuroShop 2011 has just closed and Grottini Retail Environments is back at home. Our team is satisfied with our successes and the pleasure of having met so many colleagues, friends and professionals engaged in the retail world.

EuroShop 2011 was a long adventure, begun long prior to opening and for which all Grottini staff and partners worked very hard, with great enthusiasm and commitment. An adventure which lived, for the first time, on social networking pages too.
Grottini Retail Environments returns with more than just positive results from this exceptional industry event; a critical overall view of the market, an interpretation and renewed focus, as well as a unique opportunity for networking. This was a perfect opportunity to assess and evaluate our past and future paths.

The EuroShop stand designed by Grottini Retail Environments was a light and open atmosphere creating a fantastic setting to work and enjoy time together. At the heart of this event were the people involved; our friends and colleagues, enlightened professionals and prestigious names in the industry, and many new contacts curious and interested in Grottini's capabilities.

The strength of Grottini Retail Environments presence at the fair was our showcase of "in-Technology". In-Show, in-Reality and in-Stock are three innovative applications in the service of retail that won the attention of visitors and professionals, well deserving of a nomination for the ATI Innovation Prize. Grottini once again embraces the challenge of the future: interpreting trends and responding with its cutting-edge technology, the result of continuous study and research.

Following this positive experience, Grottini Retail Environments is already focused on the future; our next challenge, with increasing energy, innovation, and as always, our focus on quality and 360 ° service.