The Augmented Reality between virtual and innovation. A 360° vision for the Retailer and a technological solution with interesting applications within the point-of-sale.

Go beyond the real and tangible and discover the Augmented Reality world, where you can believe your eyes. In-reality, the new application conceived by Grottini Retail Environments, captured the attention and curiosity of EuroShop visitors, eager to be amazed. The system leverages the synergy of a webcam and monitor, allowing the user to interact with realistic spaces and objects on screen. This application evolves the concept of shopping, and represents a unique tool to enhance engagement and functionality within the point of sale. An advantage of this application is the 360° virtual visibility of product, providing space savings for the retailer. By also using the QR code, the consumer can get additional information about the product and visualize it in context. This solution piqued the interest of retailers, but also communication agencies and designers, all very interested about possible applications in the point of sale.