Interactive, informative, dynamic and functional: here's the shop window of the future, creating an integrated and immersive brand experience. In-show won over the public at EuroShop 2011.

Forget about the old front store window; static, one-way and traditional. Now there's in-show, a dynamic, informative and functional window experience. Grottini Retail Environments reconceived the traditional window to be an entirely interactive surface, which draws the consumer into an immersive brand experience via touchless and motion detection technologies.
A technological solution created with the synergy of Grottini Retail Environments, Grottini Communication and Grottini Lab which optimizes the shop window as a "business card" of the retailer; the very first source of communication and marketing. For the presentation at EuroShop, the window featured a life-sized model demonstrating changes of clothes and different combinations of outfits. In-show is a dynamic alternative to the traditional static window, able to features an entire collection or product range. Content is quickly updateable, as well as accessible for the important integration of QR codes: critical for allowing your consumers to get more information about the product, create a 'wish-list', share favorites on Social Networks, or even to be taken directly to your e-commerce site when your store is closed.
This innovation is being adopted quickly – fashion retailer and Grottini client Piazza Italia, provided the fashion collection for the feature at Düsseldorf.