Pick one box and... gain an incremental 8% in sales: in-stock is the innovation in real time for the "out-of-stock" problem. Great advantages for everyone: the consumer, the retailer and the product manufacturer.

The "in-stock" application of Grottini Retail Environments offers an innovative solution for product management on shelves, and critical product "out-of-stocks". This problem, impacting both mass retailer and product brands, can influence consumer choices and product sales. Statistics indicate the absence of the product on the shelf are able to negatively influence buying decisions of 37% of consumers. (source Gruen& Corsten). In-stock is a wireless system which can monitor and detect in real time the lack of a product on the shelf. It alerts the stock manager in real time, which speeds the re-stocking process. The system has tested with a major consumer packaged goods manufacturer, who found measurable reduced out-of-stock time and an increase in sales. In-stock can provide a positive effect on consumer satisfaction as well as an increase in sales, advantages both for the retailer and the manufacturer.