Grottini Retail Environments goes mobile.

Breaking techno-news from Grottini Lab: Grottini Retail Environments' site and newsletter "Get in Touch" has now landed in the mobile world. Access and consultation, anytime, anywhere.

"Get in Touch", the Grottini Retail Environments' newsletter title is both an invitation as well as our philosophy of communication and interaction, via today's technological advances. After landing on the major social networks, Grottini now enters the mobile world as well.

Thanks to a sophisticated system of content delivery to mobile terminals developed by Grottini Lab, you can stay in touch with Grottini Retail Environments in 3 ways, at any moment, anywhere. (available in 4 languages) and the "Get in Touch" newsletter are both available and accessible from all Smartphone mobile devices.

This system offers further opportunities, with a web application available for Apple's mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and a Blackberry application too.

Today the number of mobile web surfers has grown exponentially; the mobile phone is now a valuable source of information and communication. Therefore Grottini understands and takes into consideration the needs of users by allowing access to all of its contents, facilitating a constant contact through these new channels, anytime, anywhere.

iPhone & iPad
Visit the site and follow the guided procedure to install the Web App.

To download and install the application go to GrottiniLab web site or search Grottini on BlackBerry App World

To download the application go to or search Grottini on Android Market