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Advertising: trends&chances.

Today more than ever advertising in retail opens the widest opportunities, traditional instruments confirm their effectiveness, but digital options explode on the scene. What do executives think about it?

Traditional or digital? Newspaper or banner? The old road or the new one? During the recent NRF's Retail Innovation and Marketing Conference, executives discussed about trends and opportunities for retailers in the advertising field. Here are their different points of view. According to Tim Richards (AOL) large format ads online always offer the public a more incisive experience. Differently, Adam Berke (AdRoll) encourages operators to not forget the importance of traditional metrics, even online. Gillian Randall and John Bowles (South Africa's National Advertising Bureau) support printing and newspapers while Tom Kersten (Microsoft) points out that display advertising provides the consumer with a more personalized experience. Finally, Susie Sinclair (John Brown Media) highlights the more "relaxed" approach to the print customer compared to other formats.

Here are some executives' insights.

(source: big retail blog)