RSI in classifica

Many ratings & rankings exist in the area of CSR; Corporate Social Responsibility. Today corporate sustainability represents duty, commitment and the preferred condition.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or "Corporate Sustainability" has become a driving philosophy and mission, to which companies have both the duty and opportunity to actively contribute to the long term public good. Assessing and measuring CSR can benefit a company’s economic, environmental and social measures (the so-called "triple bottom line"), as well as ultimately, financial results. Although subject to criticism about its usefulness, a common belief that companies have this responsibility has led to a proliferation of rankings and ratings focused on CSR performance.
The 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Index, developed by the "Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship" and "Reputation Institute", which ranks the 50 U.S. Top Companies standing out for their CSR. Fortune Magazine's Best & Worst in Social Responsibility, a component of Fortune’s well known annual ranking of the World’s Most Admired Companies. "Corporate Responsibility Magazine" draws its own list: 2011 100 Best Corporate Citizens. Last but not least, Forbes magazine reveals which are the most philanthropic of American companies, America’s Most Generous Companies.

(Source: Krupp Connection Krupp Library Blog)