Social Innovation, Inc.

Jason Saul

With this book, Jason Saul offers new ideas to rethink responsible business practices, showing how many companies are growing through the innovative social change.

Could Wal-Mart offer a better solution for the Medicaid health care? Could GE help reduce global warming faster than the Kyoto Protocol?
Social Innovation, Inc., subtitled "5 Strategies to Grow the Business through Social Change" announces the advent of a new era where companies benefit from social change. Saul offers us true inspiration to rethink and seek wider and deeper social perspective. Industry leaders such as GE, WellPoint, Travelers and Wal-Mart are turning to social responsibility by social innovation, revolutionizing the way we consider the role of business in society. Based on a 4 year work of surveys and assessments of the social strategies of the largest American corporations, Saul identifies the 5 strategies for social innovation, drawing us a map to success. Our favorite highlights from Social Innovation, Inc.:

  • Explaining the fundamental shift in the role of business in society, from social contract to market capital.
  • Identifying 5 strategies of social innovation: submarket products and services, social points of entry, talent management, reverse lobbying and the emotional connection with customers.
  • Providing a step-by-step guide to create economic value through positive social change.

This is a book so full of ideas and practical insights, which will inspire the leaders in both the public and private sectors to begin to think differently of the broader social perspective.

The business of business is changing, mainly because issues previously considered ''soft", such as the environment, education, health and global development, now have  strong economic impact."